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Covering Ground in Big Sky Country


12,000 sq/ft.

the sky above: tissue paper, wire lathe.

the ground below: plywood, cut spoons, water cast lead, paper wheels in motion, sparks, supporting electronics.

Covering Ground in Big Sky Country was a site-specific collaboration between artist Anita X and Kelly Kaczynski in the Cyclorama building of the Boston Center for the Arts, MA. Anita’s sky and clouds made of tissue paper are suspended below the domed skylight and above Kelly’s ground, thus splitting the space horizontally between above and below.

Made of cut plywood, the undulating ground is based on the pattern of the existing bricks. As a viewer moves through the terrain, small interventions are activated throughout. These interventions refer to the history of the building’s occupations while the landscape as a whole references its original use as a Cyclorama, a structure to house a painting in the round. Standing in the center of the 360-degree painting, the viewer is immersed in a landscape depicting historical events.