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Scene from 'Olympus Manger'


doubled stages at 42” x 10’ x 28’ each

audience seating, 2x4 studs, luan, lights, mixed media

‘Olympus Manger’ is a conceptual play that is being written as each scene takes place. As the first in the series, Scene from ‘Olympus Manger’ is a doubled stage that presents the viewer with a choice. As the viewer steps onto the stage, they take on the role of the actor. Atop the stage, the actor-viewer finds a stagehand’s hole on each side of the mirrored stage. By dropping their head into one of the holes, the actor-viewer is privy to a constructed scene of landscape – that of forest floor or a mountain valley. The head has been separated from the body and the body on the stage lay prone. It is this body that is the subject of the play.